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Smile Makeover Oldbury

The beauty within each smile is an artistry we cherish. Our smile makeover process is based on care, specially designed to resonate with your concerns and aspirations. It is a journey where your dreams for the perfect smile become a reality.

Common combinations of treatments

in a Smile Makeover

Teeth Whitening + Veneers

This combination is ideal if you have tooth discolouration and minor imperfections. Teeth whitening brightens natural teeth, while porcelain veneers can address issues like chips, gaps, and uneven shapes for comprehensive improvement.

Invisalign + Teeth Whitening

If your teeth are misaligned, combining Invisalign with teeth whitening can result in a straighter, brighter smile. This combination addresses both alignment issues and discolouration, leading to an overall improved look.

Gum Contouring + Veneers

This combination is effective for patients with both tooth imperfections and an uneven gum line. Porcelain veneers enhance the appearance of the teeth, while gum contouring ensures a symmetrical and proportionate gum line.

Benefits of Smile Makeover

A new way of smiling

Our commitment lies in crafting a transformed smile that not only reflects your aesthetic aspirations but also aligns seamlessly with the inherent beauty of your natural features.


Natural appearance

Our smile makeover prioritises a seamless, natural appearance. Through meticulous procedures such as porcelain veneers and natural tooth-coloured materials, your smile is enhanced, ensuring it looks effortlessly natural!


Subtle transformation

Imperfections are addressed with subtlety. Whether through bonding or veneers, we correct minor flaws while maintaining the natural texture and contours of your teeth, creating a refined and subtle enhancement.


Personalised transformation

No two smiles are alike, and our smile makeover process acknowledges this uniqueness. Each treatment is customised to enhance your smile in a way that feels entirely your own.

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The process of Smile Makeover

Your smile deserves to shine!

Find out the process of a Smile Makeover.


Initial consultation

During this initial visit, we’ll discuss your smile goals, assess the current condition of your teeth, and explore potential treatment options. Understanding your preferences and expectations allows us to create a personalised plan that suits your unique needs.



After discussing your dental goals during the consultation, we will create a detailed treatment plan. This plan might involve a mix of procedures. We’ll guide you through each stage, making sure you fully understand the proposed treatments.



Once the plan is ready, we’ll begin the process of enhancing your smile. This may involve multiple appointments, each focusing on a specific aspect of your smile makeover!



The moment you’ve been waiting for! After completing all the planned procedures, you’ll see your final smile. Further on, we will guide you in maintaining your new smile.

Happy client
Right at the first call, customer service was top tier! Lovey Receptionist, Super clean facilities & friendly staff. The dentist was great, took time to explain things and provided a great experience (even though it was dental). Gave recommendations on things to try and buy that weren't for their gain but for my well-being.
Rafal K
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